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Driving up standards and finding ways to collaborate

Our projects originate from our shared priority areas and we regularly discuss and review how we are doing in relation to delivery against these. They are:

  • Excellence in learning
  • Pupils who are creative and turn their ideas into action
  • The development of skills and networks for the future
  • Creative, resourceful teachers providing challenging and stimulating teaching
  • Increased impact, locally and nationally

Schools can decide if they wish to participate depending on their own capacity, interest and priority.  Not all schools have to participate in all projects.  Some projects are led by individual schools and some are led by RSA Academies and the RSA.

All RSA Academies, RSA staff, RSA Fellows and partners working on projects with pupils from the RSA Family of Academies should familiarise themselves with the RSA/RSA Academies safeguarding policy.

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The whole experience has helped our development as individuals, building confidence and developing skills relevant to us both as student leaders and in our future careers. The positive experience does not reside solely with the RSA Academy but each of the Academies involved.

Andrew Watts, former Head Boy, RSA Academy, Tipton on the Student Leadership Programme

Current Projects

The Secret Gardeners’ Project

Inspiring creative thinking through gardening Using challenging cross-curricular approaches This is a new creative learning initiative from the Helen Storey Foundation and RSA Academies designed to get imaginations buzzing about planting possibilities in our changing environment. Together we will create a series of imaginative and inspiring gardens across the RSA family of schools. The participating schools […]

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PhD on friendship and HE aspirations

New research led by RSA Academies and Warwick University Tackling educational disadvantage Warwick University and RSA Academies have created a new PhD research post focussing on young people’s friendships and their relationship to higher education aspiration. This four year studentship has been awarded to Krystal Douglas who began her research in October 2015 supported by […]

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‘Wyrd’ to the world of work

Film-making to learn about employability and collaboration Inspiring creative thinking Between April and July 2015, students at RSA Academy in Tipton worked with RSA Fellow, Nigel Barton and his team from Wyrd on a creative employability project. Wyrd aims to support young people into the ‘world of work’ and improve employability skills. The team developed a […]

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RSA Pupil Design Awards 2015-6

Using design to solve problems and improve our lives Competing across the schools The RSA Pupil Design Awards is a programme based on the RSA Student Design Awards, a 90 year old competition aimed at university students.  We believe that design is about more than making beautiful things. Design can be used to solve real […]

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RSA Academies’ Performing Arts Hub

Transforming participation and engagement in the performing arts Developing the creative capacities of teachers and students The RSA Academies’ Performing Arts Hub aims to develop an innovative, collaborative approach to transform pupil participation and outcomes in the performing arts. It will do this by creating sustainable partnerships between our RSA Academies and a small number of […]

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Catalytic Teaching and Learning with Prof Helen Storey RDI

An art, fashion and science collaboration Catalysing creative learning across schools In June 2015 we launched a nine-month project with the Helen Storey Foundation called Catalytic Teaching and Learning. This project is a fashion / science collaboration exploring ways we could purify air. Opening at Ipsley CE RSA Academy, two new installations appeared in school overnight: the ‘Field […]

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Football Beyond Borders mentoring project

A mentoring project that uses the power of football to inspire young people Achieving goals on and off the pitch This term RSA Academies teamed up with Football Beyond Borders, a registered charity which uses the power of football to tackle inequality and provide opportunities for young people to achieve their goals both on and off […]

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Research Rich Schools

A project enabling schools to engage with educational research Supporting schools to become research rich Louise Bamfield, RSA, Lorna Owen, Holyhead School and Mat Carpenter from RSA Academy, Tipton have been involved with developing an amazing research resource, Research Rich Schools. This is for everyone interested in research; whether getting started, going a bit further with research […]

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RSA Academies’ Alumni Network

An exciting partnership aiming to build an alumni community in our schools Helping to harness the experience and skills of former students RSA Academies is working with the national education charity Future First, which sets up and manages alumni networks, to inspire our students to career confidence and academic success by harnessing the talents of […]

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RSA Academies Teaching School Alliance

The five schools in the RSA Family of Academies are all members of the newly established RSA Academies Teaching School Alliance as part of the National Teaching Schools scheme. Through the alliance we

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Research to enhance teaching

This project builds on the recently concluded BERA-RSA Inquiry into Research and Teacher Education, which highlights the role of research and enquiry as a pillar of school improvement.

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School to school improvement

Our approach to school improvement is based on school to school support. The Principals and senior staff at schools within the RSA Family take responsibility for leading school improvement.

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Art websites

Whitley Academy felt that the students’ exceptional artwork should not be kept behind their four walls. They developed an eCommerce website to sell the students’ artwork, whilst showcasing the excellence…

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Student Leadership Programme

Giving opportunities for student leaders Through a variety of initiatives and an annual conference Student Leadership is a significant element of the RSA Family of Academies joint working agenda. The RSA8 Programme is a bespoke programme co-ordinated by Arvind Batra at RSA Academy in Tipton and is an opportunity for the students to interact with […]

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Weston Beamor jewellery design competition

RSA Academies pupils from Arrow Vale RSA Academy, Whitley Academy and RSA Academy in Tipton were set the challenge of designing a lapel badge for their Principal. Initiated by RSA Fellows…

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A Manual of Modern Making

The initial aim of this project is to bring about significant improvements in the learning experiences of RSA Academies students in design and technology, through the exploitation of the latest…

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Frontline Voices

Frontline Voices is a series of podcasts from education frontline practitioners – teachers, head teachers and others, whose work puts them into daily contact with children and young people.

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Warwick University

Warwick University and RSA Academies are bringing students and teachers together with higher education. Forming part of Warwick’s Widening Participation strategy we will connect students…

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Cross-school subject networks

Two cross-school networks have been established, one in English and one in Mathematics. Schools across the Family identified English and literacy as an area where focused and co-ordinated support…

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A Bus Ride Away

This project aims to broaden the horizons and raise the aspirations of young people aged 11-14 (years 7-9). This age group is crucial as these young people are just beginning to consider what…

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Royal Designers for Industry (RDI)

Opportunities for students to spend time with some of the world’s leading designers who have been awarded Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) by the RSA for sustained excellence and significant benefit.

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Broadening Horizons

Contrary to popular belief, research shows that young people from all walks of life rarely suffer from a lack of aspiration; the problem is that disadvantaged students lack access to the influential people and…

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RSA Pupil Design Awards 2014

RSA Pupil Design Awards is a new programme based on the RSA Student Design Awards, a 90 year old competition aimed at university students. We believe that design is about more than…

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