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From Whitley to Wembley

July 22, 2015 / Alison Critchley

Over the last term pupils from Whitley Academy and Holyhead School have been participating in a RSA Academies supported project with Football Beyond Borders. The project uses the boys’ love of football to inspire them to achieve their goals both on and off the pitch. At the end of term a group of Whitley students […]

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The RSA Cup: as it happened

July 17, 2015 / Roisin Ellison

Tension filled the air in the packed theatre at Arrow Vale RSA Academy – the crowd was hushed in anticipation, on the edge of their seats. Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, was poised Paxman-like with his question sheet between the two competing teams, Redditch and Holyhead School, who were going head-to-head for the […]

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RSA Academies Teachmeet

July 14, 2015 / Alison Critchley

On 29 June the RSA Academy, Tipton hosted the latest Teachmeet, with a selection of presenters from across the Family of Academies presenting a range of ‘nano’ (three minute) and ‘micro’ (seven minute) presentations. The topics covered included ‘Literacy across the Curriculum’, ‘Engaging students with social media’ and ‘Challenge Immersion’ presented by Sam Gallivan from Eos. The […]

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RSA Academies Arts Day 2015

July 10, 2015 / Georgina Chatfield

‘Boop! Boop! We’ve got the power!’ sang a chorus of students from Ipsley CE RSA Academy, Arrow Vale RSA Academy and Whitley Academy to a packed house in the RSA’s Great Room. Joined by fellow students from Holyhead School and the RSA Academy, Tipton, the full family of RSA Academies undertook a dive into the […]

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‘Nobody’s afraid of a frock’: a lesson in creativity

July 3, 2015 / Georgina Chatfield

“I have personally witnessed many times, the magic light up in the eyes of young people, when they realize what the combination of art & science can summon within them – you can see potential start to shine, when they realize that it is their own lives which are the materials for growth and self-realization.” […]

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