Abbeywood First School is a first school in Redditch for pupils aged 3 to 9 and joined the RSA Family of Academies in January 2016. The majority of pupils move up to Church Hill Middle School or Ipsley CE RSA Academy and then to Arrow Vale RSA Academy.

They have a track record of excellent provision, aspiration and uniqueness at Abbeywood. They are proud of their school and the team of pupils, staff, parents, volunteers and governors who work tirelessly to ensure the children enjoy school and relish their learning. Joining the RSA has allowed additional opportunities and enabled them to provide an even better education for the children in the future. Abbeywood are advocates of the ‘growth mindset‘ approach as explained by Carol Dweck.

Abbeywood is instrumental in driving the primary curriculum in all the schools where primary age pupils attend within in the Trust and is in a continuing collaboration with Church Hill Middle School to develop a creative and innovative curriculum in years 5 and 6. They are also on the Steering Committee of the RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance. This alliance offers professional development training for teachers and they are now training our own teachers.

The ‘Abbeywood Aspiration’ is that the children are encouraged to follow is: I want to… happy and healthy, understand myself as a learner, be independent and confident, be part of a successful learning partnership, be a good decision maker, be able to ask questions, be someone who keeps trying to achieve the best I can, succeed at new things, care about myself and others, have fun and enjoy my learning!

Abbeywood work closely with Sutton Park Primary RSA Academy, Ipsley CE RSA Academy, Church Hill Middle School, Arrow Vale RSA Academy and the RSA Academy in Tipton as part of the Central RSA Academies Trust.

Address Wood Piece Lane
Church Hill
B98 9LR 
Phone Number 01527 63007
Principal Nicola Beech


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