Holyhead School in Handsworth, Birmingham joined the RSA Family of Academies in September 2014.  The school has a long-standing reputation for ‘succeeding against the odds’ despite serving one of the most deprived electoral wards in the UK.

Holyhead became one of the country’s first Training Schools in 2002; a Specialist Business and Enterprise College in 2004, a Foundation School in 2006 and an 11-19 school in 2010 having established Sixth Form provision on site for the first time. Holyhead converted to an Academy in August 2011.

What makes Holyhead special is their commitment to learning without limits. Students enter the school with attainment levels significantly below national average but go on to achieve whatever they set their minds to. More students than you find at other schools, go on to employment, higher education and apprenticeships. They attend Russell Group universities and read the most competitive courses you can imagine. They become engineers, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs and doctors, but they also become well rounded individuals who understand how to keep save, how to articulate themselves and how to respect diversity, equality and active citizenship. Holyhead invest a lot in developing the strength of students’ character, making them independent and confident with vision and intellectual curiosity.
Address Milestone Lane
Holyhead Road
B21 0HN
Phone Number 0121 523 1960
Principal Ross Trafford
Website www.holyheadschool.com




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