St Stephen’s CE RSA Academy is a proud distinctly Christian church school serving a diverse cultural community. Our curriculum is rich and exciting using our Christian values to guide learning. Our values ensure pupils learn to be honest, respectful citizens who care for one another and our planet. We share common values with the RSA and fit in well with the RSA’s commitments to the Arts, World Beyond School and good Mental Health. Our motto, Achieve, aspire and care for one another, is continually reiterated to encourage our children to achieve and flourish. We are a happy school with dedicated staff who work hard to meet the needs of all our pupils.

At St Stephen’s CE RSA Academy we are committed to the Christian ethos – that every child is special in the eyes of God and we teach that all people should love, care for and respect one another and our planet.

We recognise that in order to lift pupils out of poverty for the future basic skills are crucial to their future employment opportunities. We want our pupils to have accessed a wide range of experiences and to be able to have the vocabulary to articulate their thinking in any given situation.

The use of Growth Mindset Principles encourage children to believe that they can achieve irrespective of any barriers to learning that may exist. The school uses rich text based sequences of learning, incorporating drama as a learning tool, to help to deliver an engaging, creative curriculum. This aids language development, which is a barrier for many of our children. Classes also use themes to ensure skills coverage in all the other curriculum areas, but also to practise their basic skills across a range of subjects.

The school uses KASE (Knowledge, Attributes, Skills and Experiences), introduced by the Central RSA Academies Trust, to embed and advance children’s learning, and Philosophy for Children to enhance oracy and critical thinking skills. The school is also part of the Central Maths Hub and uses ‘Maths No Problem’ (based on a Singapore maths programme), to extend pupils mathematical vocabulary and to enhance problem solving and reasoning skills. We follow a ‘teaching for mastery’ approach.

At St Stephen’s we want to foster a ‘love for learning’ that both challenges and excites pupils and prepares them for the future.

St Stephen’s work closely with Abbeywood First School, Sutton Park Primary RSA Academy, Ipsley CE RSA Academy, Church Hill Middle School, Arrow Vale RSA Academy and the RSA Academy in Tipton as part of the Central RSA Academies Trust.

Address Mabey Avenue
B98 8HW
Phone Number 01527 63911
Principal Sarah Callanan


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