Arts Day and Arts Prize 2017

Ready, set, create!

The RSA Academies Arts Day Prize 2017 is now well and truly underway. Pupils across the Family of Academies will compete for the Arts Day Prize with winning entries being presented on 4 July. The shortlisted prizes will be judged on the RSA Academies Arts Day, the annual event that has pupils from across the Family of Academies journey down to the RSA in London for an extra special day where creativity, enthusiasm and artistic endeavour are valued above all else.

Sandwiched between the collaborative efforts of the Arts Day workshops and the Pupil Design Awards, the Arts Day Prize gives individual students a chance to stand out from the crowd. The theme the pupils will have to work with is ‘Our Creative Futures’ and participants will be required to produce an individual artwork accompanied by a short piece of writing explaining their work.

We look forward to seeing the pupils involved in July!