Artsmark Gold success for Arrow Vale

Guest blog from Bernadette Pettman, Arrow Vale.

On Friday March 6 Arrow Vale RSA Academy were visited by a validator for the prestigious ‘Gold Artsmark’ team from Trinity College London to see whether Arrow Vale achieved and met the criteria set. The whole school was looked at to see the particular provisions that are put in place through the curriculum to identify and promote the arts as a whole. There was a particular focus on Art, Drama, Music, Dance and Design Technology where staff and students had to demonstrate what they do on a day to day basis but also in long term plans to expose the students to the arts.

Ruth Ashby was one of the students selected to show the validator around the school and also speak with her to explain about the arts within the school. Ruth said “I really enjoyed the day and it was really nice to discuss and realise how much our school does for the arts. I love being a part of the projects that are put in place, like the school musical, the vocal pyramid and drama club because it gives me a chance to learn more about different cultures and different opinions on life. Through the arts I am able to be expressive and I think this is what makes the school so great to be a part of because everyone has access to something that they love”.

The validator was very complimentary about the school’s provisions and was incredibly impressed with the students who spoke with her about what the school provides and stated:

“Your school places a strong emphasis on the arts and cultural aspects of education, enabling all of your students to access the arts. Your engagement with the RSA is evidence of your commitment to delivering a high quality arts provision to your students. Your arts curriculum enables your students to develop their skills, knowledge and appreciation of the arts and other cultures. Your extra curricular arts activities enable your students to develop their creative, leadership and team working skills. During my visit it was clear that the staff and students at RSA Academy Arrow Vale all value the arts and recognise the role that they play in creating a cohesive learning community.”

Congratulations to Arrow Vale on a wonderful achievement.