Charlie Paton RDI and RSA Academy, Tipton

Guest blog from Chris Smith, Lead Practitioner MST, STEM and IBCC Coordinator at RSA Academy, Tipton

The RSA Academy hosted a visit by Charlie Paton RDI to support Year 13 students taking the International Baccalaureate Design Technology. Students are undertaking their final project on the course which accounts for 40% of the marks. They need to produce a 40 page project and manufacture a prototype of the product. Students are working on a variety of ideas from football dugouts to portable lecterns to Romney House lights.  Charlie initially talked to the students about his career in lighting to his current company who design Seawater Greenhouses. He then spent time with each student discussing their project and suggesting further areas of research and developments they could make on their designs.

This was Charlie’s first visit into a school and he commented ‘Just to say that I was most impressed by your team of students.  They each demonstrated enthusiasm and passion for their chosen design tasks and they also had a keen understanding of the practical design issues involved in developing their solutions.  You should be proud of them!’

One student fed back that ‘Charlie has enabled me to think of possible design solutions to overcome current and future problems. He suggested many ways in processing different design ideas to target and meet the design specification. Overall, this will improve my project as I have a variety of design ideas.’

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