Commitments Review 2018

During June and July 2018, the RSA Academies’ team visited all schools to discuss the progress of embedding the two Commitments, discuss the information provided in the ‘Commitment tracking proformas’* and learn about how this process is going with a view to refreshing the documents and supporting resource packs. Thank you to everyone for meeting with us and sharing your thoughts and plans.

RSA Academies’ two commitments, Arts, Creativity and Cultural Education Commitment and Preparing for the World Beyond School were co-written in the Summer Term 2016. They are:

Arts, Creativity and Cultural Education Commitment

Addresses the innate curiosity of children and develops confident and creative pupils through an entitlement to an education rich in the arts, design, cultural and creative activities. We commit that all pupils will participate in a broad range of activities in and outside of the curriculum, in and outside of school, learning the excitement and discipline of creativity.

Preparing for the World Beyond School Commitment

Prepares students across the RSA Family of Academies for the world beyond school, enabling students at all stages of their schooling to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge so they can thrive in their continuing education, the world of work and in society.

Students will have access to high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance from early years to post-16, with careers education embedded into the curriculum, giving children and young people the grounding to make the right decisions for them about their future.

As a result of the feedback from the Commitment leads, both Commitments have now been updated:

Arts, Creativity and Cultural Education Commitment

Preparing for the World Beyond School

We found that all RSA schools are working hard to implement both Commitments and there is impressive and exciting work happening across all schools in these areas.

For the Arts Commitment, great work ranged from going for Artsmark Gold and Platinum, starting a student-run Arts Committee, running Arts Award, running a diverse range of lunch and after-school clubs and focusing on teacher creativity in the school improvement priorities.

For the World Beyond School, many of the schools have built excellent relationships with local employers and do a wide range of visits, workshops, assemblies and more. Examples of best practice include having a weekly bulletin to all staff with key dates for the week so all staff know what is going on with regards to enrichment activities, holding a back to front careers day, where people come in and pupils guess the profession, and having an active alumni network with some alumni trained to run workshops for students.

And we have a range of areas that schools and RSA Academies are going to work on further improve our offer and commitment in these areas.

Next, RSA Academies are developing a third Commitment, this time to ‘Inclusion and Wellbeing’, inspired by the Comprehensive Approach to  Health project that ran from 2017/18 across the RSA schools. So watch this space!


if you are an RSA Fellow and interested in supporting our work in these areas please do get in touch to find out more.


*the tracking proformas asked for information about clubs, trips, visits, visitors and events that related to the Commitments – we were interested in knowing what the curricular and extra-curricular provision looks like for all children and where contacts and ideas could be shared.