‘Arts and creativity’ and ‘world beyond school’ commitments

As part of the evolving journey of RSA Academies and our relationship with our schools and the communities they serve, we have been exploring our ‘distinctiveness’ and asking, ‘what makes an RSA school?’

As a considered response to this we have created two school-wide ‘commitments’; one that relates to the arts, creativity and cultural education and the other that relates to the world beyond school. Here they are:

Arts, Creativity and Cultural Education Commitment 

Preparing for the World Beyond School Commitment

They have been developed by the RSA Academies team, in close consultation with the RSA Academies Board and the Chairs of Governors and principals of all the RSA schools. As such, they are a commitment that everyone has signed up to and has a part to play in making happen. They are a journey however, and each school is at a different starting point with ideas and activities to share as well as areas to learn. Our role is in supporting and providing opportunities for the schools to do this, whether through our ‘resource packs’, connections with RSA Fellows or wider local, national or international networks we can help to facilitate.

The commitments are about the culture of the school fundamentally, and their sense of place in local community as well as ways to work with other schools in the RSA Family of Academies – in short about the opportunities open to the children and staff.

The Arts, Creativity and Cultural Education Commitment:

Addresses the innate curiosity of children and develops confident and creative pupils through an entitlement to an education rich in the arts, design, cultural and creative activities.

We commit that all pupils will participate in a broad range of activities in and outside of the curriculum, in and outside of school, learning the excitement and discipline of creativity.

For more information please contact Georgina Chatfield.

The Preparing for the World Beyond School Commitment:

Prepares students across the RSA Family of Academies for the world beyond school, enabling students at all stages of their schooling to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge so they can thrive in their continuing education, the world of work and in society.

Students will have access to high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance from early years to post-16, with careers education embedded into the curriculum, giving children and young people the grounding to make the right decisions for them about their future.

For more information please contact Hannah Breeze.