Epic Steps ‘Conferences for Children’

Over the past week, we’ve gathered over 300 Year 5 pupils for an ‘epic’ series of Conferences for Children led by Epic Steps CIC 

Classes from Ipsley CE RSA Academy, Churchill Middle School RSA Academy, Sutton Park RSA Academy, and Oldbury Park RSA Academy came together for our first virtual workshops which focused on building career awareness, leadership and social responsibility.  

The pupils applied their creativity to explore the world of work and the many opportunities available to them: they learnt how their unique qualities match different roles and learnt more about how innovations are creating new jobs in the future. The World Economic Forum estimates that 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist! 

Pupils took time learning more about what we mean by skills, values, and interests. By reflecting on the qualities that were most important to them as individuals, pupils could see how each of them is unique, and as a result, are each suited to different careers in the future. This is what Year 5 pupils had to say on the big question; why is it important to the world that we are all different?  

‘We can be inspired by people who are different to ourselves’  

‘If everyone was the same, we’d all think the same and we’d never come up with anything new or creative’  

‘Diversity helps us to grow, develop and become the people we were meant to be’  

Children also explored how being creative and thinking responsibly in their careers will lead to a positive impact for our communities and environment – and how innovation solves local, national, and global challenges. Developments in the circular economy – designing out waste and keeping products and materials in use for longer – is helping lead to a new ‘greener economy’ and ways of working. We know that our pupils are passionate about sustainability and caring for the planet and this passion could one day translate into a career.  

Even outside of careers, when quizzed on their thoughts about the workshops, almost all pupils could give us lots of examples of how they could make a difference in the world and 80% wanted to use their creativity to help our planet.  

Introducing opportunities to learn more about career awareness, leadership and social responsibility to younger pupils will only help to better prepare them for the world beyond school.  

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