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Find out how you could get involved with one of the RSA academies and help us connect students’ learning to the real world.

A key area where RSA Academies is distinctive from other academy sponsors is through creating inspiring learning opportunities between RSA Fellows and the students and teachers in the RSA Family. Not a Fellow but keen to contribute to our work? There are still plenty of ways you can support our schools.

There are five ways to get involved:

  • introduce young people to the world of work
  • contribute to arts, creativity and design experiences
  • contribute to student leadership programmes
  • be a school governor
  • make a donation

The purpose of these connections is to raise students’ aspirations and ambitions to be broader than possibly those of their immediate family and community.  In a small way, we aim to help students realise these ambitions. Schools in more advantaged areas will use their parents, parents’ contacts and alumni to do just that, for example, by offering careers talks, visits, work experience, mentoring and so on.  Schools within the RSA Family are all serving communities with above-average levels of deprivation and do not, on the whole, have parents or alumni who bring these type of connections.

If you are an RSA Fellow and are interested in finding out how you could get involved, let us know what you would be interested in doing and familiarise yourself with the joint RSA/RSA Academies safeguarding policy.

Read our booklet to find out more.

Or if you are interested in becoming an RSA Fellow and being part of an exciting, active and inspiring organisation, we’d love to welcome you. Find out more about RSA Fellowship.

‘The invitation to speak at one of the RSA Academies came out of the blue, and I am so glad that I took the team up on the offer to visit Oldbury Park Primary RSA Academy. I spent an incredibly enjoyable hour sharing some polar experiences with the students as part of their ‘frozen north’ topic.

The school hall has a wall emblazoned with pictures of select RSA Fellows, from Nelson Mandela to Stephen Hawking. It was inspiring to see how the RSA’s values are making a difference to young people’s education and I would highly recommend to other Fellows to grab any opportunity they can to share their stories with the next generation’.

– Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop FRSA

Jamie visited Oldbury Park Primary RSA Academy to talk to Year 4 about this work with Encounter Edu which educates pupils on our oceans.

RSA Academies provide a unique opportunity for Fellows to have a positive impact in their local community and on future generations. And students’ educational experience is enriched by the wealth of knowledge and skills Fellows can share

Abigail Campbell, Central Area Manager, RSA