Learning Spaces project with Warwick University

This is a guest blog from two students Ipsley CE RSA Academy: Daniel Langham 5AS and Aaron Davies 5RM

The learning spaces project was a really great experience for all of the kids who went there. This is what went on and a description of what we did.

The purpose of going to Warwick University was to get inspiration and new ideas to redesign our school library. We saw lots of different learning spaces in the university which gave us plenty of ideas. By working together, we shared ideas for what would be a great new layout, what furniture we wanted, which books we would like to have access to and many more ideas.  In the afternoon, we even got to build our ideal library out of Lego!

There were lots of amazing buildings around the University, and they had the biggest library we’d ever seen! It covered 5 floors of a building that was about a whole block long, and even had a second building behind it for all the history books and archives.  On the campus, they even had 2 cinemas and a theatre where the students put on shows. Also there were shops, restaurants, loads of cafes, pubs, places to live, a lake and river, sports fields and facilities – even a hairdresser’s salon.  There are over 30,000 people who go to or work at Warwick University so it is like a town all by itself.

We went for lunch at a place called the Learning Grid. While we were there, we had to interview some students about why they liked working in this particular learning space where talking and group work was allowed.  The Learning Grid is open 24 hours a day, 364 days of the year as students like to work at any time of the day or night.  We learned that some students work for the university to help others to study and get on well.

We got to see some of the artwork that the students had done, and all of the amazing things that people had put up to inspire other people in their work. The top 3 readers from years 5,6,7 and 8 went on the trip, and had a really good time!

We were really inspired, and wanted to go to University there ourselves so we are going to work really hard so that we can. Also, we have brought all of our library ideas back to school and hope to implement as many as we can when the library is re-designed.

Thank you for reading!