Growing the RSA Family of Academies

Welcoming primary and secondary schools

We are now looking to build on our strong foundation and grow our family to inspire greater collaboration and innovation and be better able to influence broader education policy and practice.

The schools currently in the RSA Family of Academies are in the West Midlands, and we want to grow our presence in this area. We are also now seeking to expand of family of RSA schools into new geographical areas.

We would welcome expressions of interest from sponsored and convertor academies (or those planning academy conversion) who have the capacity and enthusiasm for providing support to other schools, and from schools seeking an academy sponsor.  We welcome both primary and secondary schools.

We want our academies to be part of inclusive and democratic structures. Accordingly, RSA Academies does not operate in a “top down”, corporate way, but rather our Multi Academy Trusts are self-governing, autonomous trusts that are able to develop their own unique characteristics. Our trusts will offer meaningful delegated authority to local governing bodies, whilst centralised services should only relate to areas of compliance, employment and procurement (where economies of scale can be achieved).

We are proud to speak of the family of RSA academies, and we expect each one of them to have its own distinctive character and to be strongly related to the community it serves. Each trust has responsibility for its academies’ performance, but RSAA will monitor this and suggest support where it is appropriate to do so. All are bound together by the overarching values of the RSA.

The partnership between our academies and RSAA is expressed through a Memorandum of Understanding, which sets out how we will work together. RSAA charges a modest management fee for the services it provides. The RSA itself provides a Licence permitting designation as “an RSA school”.

Schools joining the RSA Family of Academies will be committed to the vision of the RSA, to innovation and to working together in our key priority areas.  These schools are likely to be serving a local community with relatively high levels of deprivation.

Affiliated Schools

Affiliation by a school to RSA Academies (RSAA) is an informal, time-limited (one-year) partnership for the benefit of the school. The link is based on trust, shared values and the common aspiration of enriching the community through ideas and action. Affiliation is a way of exploring the value of developing an informal link to RSAA as a prelude to becoming an RSA academy within an RSAA MAT.


To find out more contact Colin Hopkins, Executive Director, RSA Academies.