Showcasing excellence and artistic flair

Opportunities to sell students’ work

Whitley Academy felt that the students’ exceptional artwork should not be kept behind their four walls. They developed an eCommerce website to sell the students’ artwork, whilst showcasing the excellence and artistic flair of Whitley Academy students to a local and national audience. The site, Whitley Arts, was launched in March 2013.

The students have been opened to the possibility of creating work that is admired and has a commercial value. Glossy prints and canvases of student artwork are available to buy by friends, family and the local community. Students have posted links to their work amongst their peers, and regularly talk about how their work was achieved, sharing new ideas and techniques. Visitors to the website can also post comments directly on student work.  This has led to the students work being displayed in a local cafe.

Whitley Arts is one of only 2 such sites nationally, and has raised £800 for students and the Whitley Art Faculty since March.  In light of this success, all RSA Academy schools have been keen to create a similar platform for their students and Arrow Vale RSA Academy launched Arrow Vale Arts shortly after.

As wells as being able to view the students’ work and observe the artistic developments across the keystages, the students’ artwork is available to buy in the Whitley Arts and Arrow Vale Arts shops.  There is a mixture of paintings, prints, textile work, ceramics, and photography. Money raised from the arts websites supports the art students’ learning through the purchase of art materials.

Schools involved:

Whitley Academy

Arrow Vale RSA Academy

Project details:

Date Started 01 March 2013
Date Finished on going
Project Funder RSA Academies

Staff, students, and parents, are really proud of the original and inspiring student work. It is great to be able to share it!

Lorraine Allen, Principal, Whitley Academy