Developing the whole child

Offering high-quality opportunities

A key area where RSA Academies is distinctive from other academy sponsors is through creating inspiring learning opportunities between RSA Fellows and the students and teachers in the RSA Family of Academies.

We want to encourage more RSA Fellows to inspire our young people and share skills and life experiences, offering insights and networks that are otherwise unavailable to them. Fellows find that the joy of giving time and knowledge is met with time spent with fascinating and impressionable young people.

Get involved

Find out about the full range of ways you could get involved with one of the RSA academies or projects or under the ‘About’ section. If you are particularly interested in supporting the World Beyond School Commitment, could you:

  • Introduce young people to the world of work through a career-focused workshop/talk, offer workplace visits, or attend a careers fair at one of our schools
  • Talk to pupils about further study opportunities including apprenticeships or higher education
  • Contribute to student leadership programmes by providing one-off feedback or mentoring to a group of pupil working on a community social action project
  • Support a young person to reach their full potential by becoming a mentor
  • Offer a workshop around soft skills that will prepare young people for the world beyond school

The purpose of these connections is to nurture students’ aspirations and ambitions to be broader than possibly those of their immediate family and community. Schools in more advantaged areas will use their parents, parents’ contacts and alumni to do just that. Schools within the RSA Family are all serving communities with above-average levels of deprivation and do not, on the whole, have parents or alumni who bring these type of connections. We want to strengthen our schools’ connection and identity to the RSA so that our pupils can contribute to positive social progress too. That’s where our network of over 30,000 RSA Fellows can support.

Find out more

We are particularly keen to hear from RSA Fellows based in the West Midlands where our schools are based but the opportunity to engage with our schools is open to all who can support meaningful encounters and connections. Whilst we can’t pay RSA Fellows for their time, reasonable travel and other out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

If you are an RSA Fellow and are interested in finding out how you could get involved, let us know what you would be interested in doing and familiarise yourself with the joint RSA/RSA Academies safeguarding policy.

Read our booklet to find out more about some of our work with Fellows already.

Schools involved:

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Date Started 2013
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Oldbury Park RSA4 Pupil Ambassadors