Activating creative minds

Resources to stimulate ideas and creativity

Inspired by Firstsite’s excellent artist-written resources for the home, we are delighted to share artist activity worksheets created by artists Rudy Loewe, Nilupa Yasmin and Laurie Ramsell. The activities require simple resources and do not need a printer. It would help for younger children to have a grown up supporting the activity but older children can participate independently. Have fun!

Rudy Loewe comic based activity worksheet. Suitable for Y2 upwards

RSAA Learning Activities_Rudy Loewe

Nilupa Yasmin weaving activity worksheet. Suitable for Y2 upwards

RSAA Learning Activities_Nilupa Yasmin

Laurie Ramsell soundscape activity worksheet. Suitable for Y1 upwards (grown up supervision needed)

RSAA Learning Activities_Laurie Ramsell

What have you learnt today? How did the activity make you think?
Tell your friends and share your creations. How do they differ? How are they the same? What do you enjoy about each other’s work?

Schools involved:

Abbeywood First School

Arrow Vale RSA Academy

Holyhead School

Project details:

Date Started September 2019
Date Finished October 2021
Project Funder Foyle Foundation, Saintbury Trust and Elmley Foundation