Inspiring curious minds

Resources inspired by art to support our sense of self and wellbeing

These are resources from the Contemporary Art Space Project. We hope you will find them useful and inspiring, you can use them at home. They are suitable for Year 4 upwards to secondary.

There are three artworks and there is one PDF and one short film for each.

We call the PDFs ’emotional learning cards’. See if you agree. They include one picture of the artwork followed by some writing that explains a little about the artwork and some questions to help you think more deeply about yourself and reflect on the artwork. You might be surprised by what you discover.

The films are the artists talking about the work so you can understand more about why and how it was made, and get to know the person who created it. Are you ready…?

We Start Here was created by the artist Nilupa Yasmin with students from Arrow Vale RSA Academy in Redditch


Silhouette of Sound was created by the artist Laurie Ramsell with pupils from Abbeywood First School in Redditch


Depths of our history was created by Rudy Loewe and students from Holyhead School in Birmingham


You are invited to create new artworks in response to these. What might you do?

Here are some more photos taken at the three schools of the artworks from different angles. It is not the same as experiencing the work in real life, but it gives a different perspective. Which is your favourite? And why is that?

Image credit: Anisa Fazal

Schools involved:

Project details:

Date Started September 2019
Date Finished October 2021
Project Funder Foyle Foundation, Saintbury Trust and Elmley Foundation