A new, creative approach to raising awareness of mental health in schools

A student-led project working with inspiring designers

Mental Pictures is a student led project facilitated by RSA Academies in collaboration with the Helen Storey Foundation. The project considers creative and resilient approaches amongst students to mental health issues in schools – an increasingly relevant and critical issue and can often be an impediment to how students flourish.  Our aim is to produce a project that tackles the issue openly and creatively.

In partnership with the Helen Storey Foundation, five participating RSA schools attended a launch to consider a student-centred, creative piece of work in response to this brief. The project also aimed to compliment a Pears Foundation funded mental health project ‘A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health‘ that RSA Academies and RSA are running concurrently aimed at giving all staff within the RSA Family of Academies basic mental health training as part of a more holistic approach to combating rising mental health problems in schools.

Each school took part in a launch event which included talks from a designer and mental health expert from the Samaritans. A combination of world renowned artists Helen Storey MBE, RDI, Morag Myerscough RDI and RSA Student Design Award winner Charlotte Lench spoke passionately about their careers in design and how they have tackled the sensitive topic of mental health and well-being in their work. David Frost for the Samaritans added gravitas, speaking clearly about the work he and the Samaritans do.

RSA Academies is looking at ways to progress Mental Pictures beyond the 17/18 academic year.

Schools involved:

Project details:

Date Started January 2018
Date Finished July 2018
Project Funder RSA Academies