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Leading teaching standards

The RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance recruits and trains new entrants to the teaching profession, identifies leadership potential, and provides support for schools across the West Midlands, to transform outcomes for young people and bring about positive social change. We drive action research, undertake innovations in teaching, and optimise the talents and commitment of our staff to develop creative ways of providing education.

Our Teaching School Alliance is led by two ‘outstanding’ schools, all of which are designated National Teaching Schools. They are Arrow Vale RSA Academy in Redditch and Holyhead School in Birmingham. We also work in partnership with the RSA, and with secondary and primary schools across the region.  Find out more about who we’re working with.

Training and support is offered in six areas

The RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance is committed to improving student outcomes and we believe that the best teachers make the most impact. Support for individual development and career choice is at the heart of our alliance.  We facilitate intensive professional learning, ranging from trainee and newly qualified teacher induction programmes, to subject enhancement and leadership development sessions. Find out more.


The RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance is dedicated to ensuring that the School to School Support Programme provides schools with a significant and extensive level of expertise. Our track record demonstrates that the support we offer can transform a school around from an ‘Ofsted category’ to Outstanding. Find out more.


The RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance strongly believes in School-Led Initial Teacher Training to recruit high calibre trainees and transform student outcomes through challenging and stimulating teaching. Find out more.


The RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance is excited about the power of great leadership and the impact a leader can have on the lives of others. We provide high-quality training and leadership experiences for students and staff. All teachers are leaders within their classroom and our talent management strategy ensures that teachers at all stages of their career have access to a range of leadership development programmes. Find out more.


The RSA Academies’ Teaching School  Alliance was built with research and development at its heart. We believe that effective research and enquiry begins with our students and a drive to improve their learning experience and educational outcomes. We believe that research and development is important for all schools because the power to transform education comes when schools collaborate, and an active research and development culture can be found across all the schools in our Alliance. Find out more.


Specialist leaders of education are outstanding middle and senior leaders. They have at least two years of leadership experience in a particular specialism (e.g. maths, school business management, initial teacher training). Find out more.

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Schools involved:

Arrow Vale RSA Academy

Whitley Academy

Holyhead School

Ipsley CE RSA Academy

RSA Academy

Abbeywood First School

Church Hill Middle School

Project details:

Date Started 01 September 2014
Date Finished Ongoing
Project Funder Department for Education

Our Initial Teacher Training programme has been described as a ‘beacon’ of outstanding practice by Birmingham City University.

90% of our trainees passed at good or outstanding