Hello, my name is Aleksander, I am eight years old and I have been part of Sutton Park since the Reception class.  I am happy to be a student at this school.  Our school has four houses that collect house points.  They are green, yellow, blue and red.  At the end of the year the house that has the most points wins the trophy.  I am in green house and I have already got over 300 house points!

There are lots of things that I like about this wonderful school from challenges to topics, I will always like this place.  I like Thrive because that helps us with our emotions and I also like French.  I also like ‘The Always Club’ that you have to always be good to be able to go to.  If you get a Spark certificate you get awarded afternoon tea which is a nice treat for you.  If you get 100% attendance you get to go to Pizza Hut for your reward!  I like that every single teacher in the school knows us really well.

There are lots of things coming up that I am really excited about.  I am excited about our Birmingham Museum trip next week where we will look at Egyptian artefacts and I am really looking forward to our residential.