Hello my name is Alice. I started Abbeywood in reception class and now I am in Year 4. I have followed the Abbeywood aspirations, such as be happy, healthy, have fun and be independent and I really enjoy school.  My favourite thing at school is literacy because it is varied.

My positions at Abbeywood are vice-captain for my colour team and I am a playleader. I have to give up my Friday lunch break to count the team points and then one day a week I run play time games for KS1. I have entered lots of different clubs such as choir, cornets, gardening and magic. I am also a learning ambassador so I go into other classrooms to monitor the teachers and classes and I fill out a sheet with lots of questions on it. I have also been swimming every week and I have earned my red, yellow and green braids. I am currently working on my blue braid and I have to swim in my pyjamas!

Last month we had a bikeability day and I passed my level 1, so I can now stop and cycle safely. I have also taken part in ‘The Great Abbeywood Show off’ and I came first, singing with my friend.

My proudest moment at Abbeywood was when I travelled to Young Voices in Birmingham to a loud arena and we sang to a large audience.

Before I leave Abbeywood I am looking forward to going to Malvern, especially attempting the zip wire, rock climbing and having fun with my best friends.