Hello my name is Annabelle.  I have been a student at Sutton Park since Reception and I am now in Year 6.  Here I have made new friends and learnt plenty.  I have enjoyed it all.

I enjoy my time at Sutton Park because it is a fun and creative school.  It is fun because it is not all writing; it’s also experiments and things like that.

My favourite lesson is English because I like writing and learning the whole point in it.  My least favourite is Maths, yet the teachers here make it fun; I also enjoy doing Art and French.

I have had the job of ‘Official Helper’ which I was very proud of because my friends voted for me.  It is where you help out with jobs around school that need doing like house points and filling in the assembly book.

The school trips are fun to do; but also give you a great learning experience.  My favourite this year so far was the Ludlow races and I am really excited about challenging myself at this year’s residential to Culmington Manor.