Isabelle holds a special place in the history of Holyhead, being the first student to receive and accept an offer to study at Oxford University. Through her earlier years at school, Isabelle gained recognition for her positive attitude and commitment to achieve by securing positions as a Senior Student and Corwen College Captain, whilst showcasing a diverse range of talents including her acting ability which saw her take a leading role in the school’s production of Othello at the Shakespeare Schools’ Festival. Having not previously studied History at GCSE she found a passion for the subject at A Level, demonstrating a perceptive understanding of the skills required of an historian.

Isabelle’s creative and reflective approach to her A Level studies, combined with a desire and dedication to meet the entry requirements needed to secure her place at St. Catherine’s College enabled her to achieve 3 A grades in History, English Literature and Psychology. Isabelle will begin her undergraduate degree reading History in October 2014, and will undoubtedly achieve great success both at St. Catherine’s and in the years that follow.

She is an inspiration for those that follow her at Holyhead, and the school will always be exceptionally proud of her.