Hello, my name is Jack and I go to Sutton Park Primary RSA Academy.  I started in Reception, I like this school because you have a lot of opportunities that other schools don’t like camping trips, afternoon tea with the Head and home clothes days.  My favourite subject is Maths because you might think it was boring but the teachers make if fun by playing games to help us learn like fizzbuzz.

Our school also does lots of after school clubs like football, trampolining and forest school.  Key Stage 1 children get to play at lunchtime with play leaders.  I am a play leader and we had to have some training but it was worth it because it is good fun.  There are lots of jobs to do, you can be a librarian or a lunch box monitor.  There are also representatives from each class who get voted in to be ‘Official Helpers.’ There is a school council and a PLT which stands for Pupil Leadership Team.  They get to visit other schools and do assemblies and meet the Mayor, I was in it last year.

In Year 4 we went on a residential to the Pioneer Centre where we got the chance to try lots of things I have never done before like raft building and climbing, the only bad thing was that I lost my shoes in the mud on the bottom of the lake!