Joseph was mentored in his first term in Year 7 at Whitley Academy with a focus on transition and routine.  At first he was worried and anxious about his start to Whitley so we liaised with mum daily for the first two weeks to let her know how Joseph was getting on.  Joseph used a ‘success card’ with his learning mentor every day and excelled in the targets that were given to him.

After the initial transitional change from primary to secondary, with a good structure in his class and with good parental engagement and support, Joseph was able to thrive throughout Year 7.  He has accessed support from The Base as well as getting involved in a number of trips and opportunities through BBC School Report.  He is now an independent learner as well as a Student Leader and Student Reporter for his year group.

As a Student Reporter, Joe has a passion for journalism.  He enjoys editing and has worked hard to build his confidence in talking in front of big crowds such as a group of students or parents.  As such, one of his proudest achievements is talking to the school governors for a Student Voice Panel.  For Joe, going the extra mile involves a lot of hard work, including giving up his breaks, lunches and time after school to stay in our Learning Resource Centre to finish off news reports.