Paris is an all-round excellent student who is a fantastic ambassador for the school. She kick-started her career back in year 7 when entered into a school athletics event. Since this date Paris’ achievements have year on year got bigger and better. She competes at an extremely high level in numerous athletic events. Recent competitions include:

– 2013 – World Championships Biathle (run swim run) Represented GBR youth B (15/16yr olds) position 6th.

– March 2014 – International Triathlon – Represented GBR Youth B, position 2nd

– April 2014 – International Tetrathlon (Swim, fence, shoot, run)- Represented GBR Youth A (17,18 yr olds)  position 18th

Paris will eventually go down the pentathlon route, as this is an Olympic event and as a PE department we believe she does has a very good chance of going to the Olympics in the future. She will also be representing GBR youth B in the European Championships in July.