When Pavani joined Whitley Academy in 2008, as a new year 7 student she put herself forward to join Student Voice (a.k.a Student Reporters’ group). She then went to Warwickshire Brandon Marsh Wildlife Centre to interview West Midlands managers of Play England, the organisation that provides safe playground for children and young people.

In 2011 when Coventry City Council sent representatives to schools across the city to encourage young people to stand up for themselves to become members of Youth Parliament, Pavani put her name forward. She gathered a great deal of concerns, worries and suggestions from her peers and consequently came up with her own manifesto. It was presented in Year 8 Assembly. She was then selected to be Youth Parliament Member for Coventry. A part of her new role was travelling across her constituency, to discuss local issues relating to young people. Together with other Members of Youth Parliament (MYP) Pavani brought the matters to Coventry City Council and also the House of Commons. Her role as a MYP expanded and extended for one year. It showed her desire and expertise in a professional manner.

From 2013 Pavani has taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award to enhance her independently survival and team building skills. The commitment to take part in this prestigious popular award shows Pavani’s willingness to help others, try new things and continue with her volunteering activities.

From 3rd – 18th August 2013 Pavani was granted the US Embassy Journalist Exchange Program. She visited New York, Washington D.C and Richmond Virginia and met with a variety of people and organisations including the Wall Street Journal, New York Mayor Office of Film and Yale University, to name a few.

She realised the power of networking and really enjoyed the openness of the American lifestyle. At the same time some of the sites she has visited such as cycling CORPS which designed to keep young people off the street and support them and inspire them to think about their future positively.

Pavani lives within her own means, being resourceful and not affected by the peer pressure to follow the material demands like a lot of young teenage girls these days. For Pavani every little commitment to take part in projects outside the school life contributes to make a better community. It does not have to be something big to be considered as making changes to society.

Recently Pavani has been granted the Virgin Atlantic scholarship which will enable her to travel to a remote village in India and help the locals build up a school and be the British Ambassador to people there.