Rechae joined Holyhead in Year 7 and throughout his early years didn’t really demonstrate his true potential and ability.  Even up to the end of Year 10, there were signs he wouldn’t achieve the target grades he had been set.  In Year 11 there was a remarkable transformation in his attitude, behaviour and application to work.  He successfully applied to become a Senior Student in Year 11 and soon rose to prominence as a superb role model in assisting with the smooth day-to-day running of the school.

Academically the standard of his work improved greatly and in the summer of 2013 he was rewarded with a creditable set of GCSE examination results.  He joined the Sixth Form at Holyhead and his enthusiasm, respect and love of his studies is a joy to see.  He is a Senior Sixth Form Prefect and is soon to be appointed as the President of the Sixth Form.  He continues to be a presence around the school building and his continuing work for various charities is remarkable.  He also has set up a Sixth Form Breakfast Club, raising money to provide items on a daily basis for his fellow students.  We are convinced he will go on to be very successful at his chosen university and despite the fact he will not be the highest academic achiever from his cohort, he will definitely be one of Holyhead’s success stories.