My name is Ryan and I’m a Year 4 pupil at Abbeywood First School RSA Academy, and I’m nine years old. I was very proud to be captain of the Blue team because all my friends voted for me because I’m fair and friendly. When I was voted captain, I was amazed and pleased that everyone in Blue Team thought I was going to be a good team captain. As a team captain, you have to be a good role model.

I joined Abbeywood in Reception and I really like Abbeywood because I think it is a very creative school. It is creative because you don’t just write and write, you do researching and finding out interesting things. I enjoy storytelling and creating my own stories. We also have creative events like the restaurant and the Great Abbeywood Tea Party and Abbeywood’s Got Talent. I just think Abbeywood is a great, creative school.

At Abbeywood First School, there are tons of great events. I was chosen to go to the cricket and hockey tournaments and I even went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament, which was fascinating. I am really looking forward to going to Malvern Outdoor Centre with the school because I think we will have a lot of fun and test our abilities.