RSA Academies invited to APPG in Education

On 26th March, RSA Academies attended the APPG in Education to hear Rt Hon Anne Milton MP, Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills, talk through the government’s new careers strategy.

The DfE careers strategy was published in December 2017 in partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, using the Gatsby eight benchmarks as its ‘spine’, as Anne Milton MP expressed it at the APPG meeting. The strategy lays out clear milestones for both schools/colleges and the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC), which will now have an much more expanded role as a result of the strategy’s measures.

Anne Milton MP talked through the measures that are to be implemented during 2018-20 to improve careers guidance in England. The key measures include each school having a designed Career Lead by September 2018, schools to offer every young person at least seven encounters with employers during their education, with at least one ‘meaningful interaction’ with business every year by 2020 and the government testing ‘careers hubs’ in 20 (disadvantaged) areas by September 2018.

Questions and comments from the floor included the suggestion that Ofsted should not allow schools to be outstanding unless their careers advice is deemed outstanding; whether it will be possible to meet some of the measures in the strategy due to a shortage of trained careers advisors; and whether careers should be included in teacher training so all subject teachers know what jobs their own subject could lead to. It was generally agreed that the new careers strategy was a big step forward for school-level careers education but that it isn’t a quick fix – the measures in the strategy need to be fully embedded in schools before we see a real and sustained improvement in CEAIG.

Both the strategy and the APPG in Education echo RSA Academies’ work on the World Beyond School. To find out more about our work in this area, visit the World Beyond School section of our website, including our commitment that all of our seven schools are signed up to and check out one of our flagship programmes in this area, Opening Doors to Business.