Ciao! RSA Academies meets Italian educators

Blog from Alison Critchley.

It was an enormous pleasure and privilege for me to be invited to speak at a conference in Bologna about the work we are doing in the RSA Family of Academies.  More than 500 Italian educators, mainly Principals, but also academics and education administrators, had come together to hear from speakers across Europe about education and innovation in education.

I was able to explain many of the exciting projects that are taking place across the RSA Family of Academies, including our student leadership programmes and pupil led school and community projects; our partnership with Warwick University and the opportunities we give pupils to develop design thinking through the RSA Pupil Design Awards and work with the Royal Designers for Industry, and the approaches that are taken to curriculum innovation including Opening Minds.

Many of my themes – for example the importance of skills as well as knowledge, the need for practical projects and making learning relevant to real world, the need to develop creativity – were also reflected in the other presentations too.  There was a strong sense of a wider European network of schools that sharing similar thinking and priorities to those within the RSA Family that RSA Academies and the schools within our network might connect with over time.