RSA Academies speak at RSA Engage Event

On Monday evening, Alison Critchley and Arvind Batra attended the RSA’s Fellows event in Birmingham to talk about the work of the RSA Academies.  Their aim was to encourage Fellows to get involved in initiatives to increase pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world beyond school, for example by offering university or workplace visits or work experience placements, or by coming into one of the RSA Academies to give a talk or help out with mock interviews.

Of the 30 or so Fellows present, around a dozen were interested in the possibility of doing some work with the Academies. People Alison met included: an artist; a former model who is keen to talk to young people about establishing their own identity and not being pressured to dress/behave in a particular way; the managing director of The Enterprise Hub, Coventry University; a disability consultant, willing to talk to older pupils about his work and disability not being a barrier to success; and a Fellow who is developing a mindfulness/reflection tool for teachers.

If you’d be interested in following up with any of these Fellows please contact Arvind Batra.