RSA Academies Sports Day 2016

On Monday 6 June, Key Stage 3 pupils from the RSA Family of Academies competed in the RSA Academies Sports Day. A day designed to bring pupils from different backgrounds, demographics and perspectives together, the event lived up to expectations where after close games and tired bodies, an eventual winner emerged.

The day began with rounders, where a particularly exciting game between Holyhead and Ipsley was ended by a home run. Going into lunch with scores level, there was an aura of anticipation and excitement about what would happen on the Athletics track. It was evident that each school had talented sportsmen and women, the 100m and relay saw record breaking performances, with the boys at Holyhead School winning many of their races. RSA Academy Tipton did well at Javelin whilst the Year 9 Arrow Vale team finished first or second in most events.

Finally after a brutal tug of war round that required as much technique and agility as strength, everyone laid on the grass awaiting the results. Pupils throughout the day engaged with those from different schools, one pupil said ‘What really makes the day for me is meeting new people’. The RSA Sports Day was a chance to get outside comfort zones, motivate others and make new friends from different communities.

Whitley for the second consecutive year were crowned overall winners, whilst the Year 9 group was won by Arrow Vale. Handshakes were given all round as pupils’ recognised the amount of effort displayed on a hot summer’s day. I was lucky enough to hand out the medals and award the RSA Shield to Whitley Academy.

What was apparent was not just the pride staff and pupils held for their schools, but a deeper joy in being part of something together. Activities such as the RSA Sports Day that transcend borders of the classroom, have the capability of cultivating different types of collaborative skills that will be of lifelong value to our pupils.