RSA academies’ staff inductions

RSA Academies were delighted to host two staff inductions at the RSA on 3 and 4 December, for Whitley Academy and Holyhead School respectively. Both visits were a great opportunity for staff to get to know a bit more about what the RSA does and its link with RSA Academies, have a tour of the building and explore the archives, as well as have an informal chat with RSA Academies’ staff.

Induction sessions are intended for new staff and, as Holyhead joined the Family of Academies this September, we had all staff come down to take part in the day. The morning involved a presentation on the priorities and projects of RSA Academies, with topics such as school-to-school improvement and possible opportunities including links with RSA Fellows or RDIs discussed. Groups of staff then went on a tour of the building and archives, which proved to be a highlight of the day, with feedback including that it “clarified things and allowed for a better understanding”, enabling staff to feel they were “getting to the heart of the RSA”.

The afternoon session was delivered by Matthew Taylor, CEO of RSA, who spoke about the RSA’s new worldview on the Power to Create (watch the short film he showed here) and how this connected with working with the Family of Academies. He discussed how important it was as part of the RSA’s wider education programme to have this unique relationship with the schools in the Family. Feedback on Matthew’s talk mentioned how it “brought it all together” and staff “loved the focus of creativity”.

Whitley Academy’s induction had a similar format, though was held as a twilight session, meaning that the RSA building was completely empty – perfect for a tour of the house! The RSA archivist also left out objects from the archives for the staff to handle, including letters from Charles Dickens and Karl Marx, both of whom were RSA Fellows, and a solid gold medal used as a prize for the RSA Premium Award Scheme.

Both induction sessions were thoroughly enjoyable and we look forward to continuing these sessions on an annual basis for all new staff joining the five academy schools.