RSA Cup 2017

Starter for 10, what is the greatest selling album of all time? Need a minute? It’s Thriller by Michael Jackson. If you enjoyed that you would have loved the RSA Cup competition held on 11th of July 2017 at RSA Academy, Tipton. Schools from across the Family of Academies competed in a University Challenge style quiz competition designed to test the knowledge of students on a variety of topics from mathematics to popular culture.

As the students filled the auditorium there tension was palpable. Nervous students awaited their schools name being called up as the elimination rounds got underway. Co-quizmasters Roisin Ellison and Adam Richardson flew through the 6 rounds of 3 minutes each, with each correct question being tallied up with the final scores revealing Whitley Academy and RSA Academy, Tipton as the eventual finalists.

Sadly our final round quizmaster for the RSA Cup in previous years could not make it to this year’s event, Matthew Taylor, Chief executive of the RSA, was revealing his long-awaited review into modern working practices at the RSA House in London alongside the Prime Minister Teresa May. Kindly, Matthew recorded a video of himself apologising for not being available and giving the audience an inside look into his review.

Fortunately, we had our very own Alison Critchley, chief executive of the RSA Academies, parachuted in to play the role of Jeremy Paxman. The room was beginning to buzz with the weight of expectation and after a quick break we were ready to begin. Tipton and Whitley traded quizzical blows in the first round and Alison often had to shush the crowd as was the excitement in the room. In the second round Tipton began to edge away but Whitley continued to fight.

Finally, the quick fire picture round took place, Ed Sheeran and Minions flew across the projector, and after much deliberation it was revealed that this year’s winners were……RSA Academy, Tipton! For the second year running Tipton have taken the trophy home. A strong performance from Tipton 6th former Mitchell Weaver in the final saw the trophy stay at RSA Academy for another year. So as the event drew to its conclusion and ceremonial phots were taken, we thank all the students and staff who got involved this year and we shall wait with baited breath to see if Tipton can make it three in a row in 2018.