RSA Academies and the Royal Designers for Industry

Would you like to know more about how the RSA Academies work with the Royal Designers for Industry?

We have just launched a new booklet in our ‘Being part of the RSA Family of Academies’ series about the relationship that RSA Academies have with the RSA’s Royal Designers for Industry (RDI).

The booklet illustrates seven different case studies of RDIs running engaging projects, big and small, with the RSA Academies’ schools and catalogues all of the designers and their projects.  Since 2008 there have been 19 projects and from this bedrock we are hoping to develop more exciting interventions across more of the schools, including in primary schools as the Family expands.

The partnership between the RDIs and the RSA Family of Academies sits within a wider programme of design education initiatives including the RSA Pupil Design Awards, the Manual of Modern Making with Black Country Atelier and RSA Fellow-led projects like the jewellery design competition with Weston Beamor in Birmingham.

Introducing professional designers to schools helps to nurture creative thinking and multi-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving, skills that are increasingly sought after in the workplace and will become more critical in our rapidly changing world.

“We can all remember one or two people who helped us in a key way during our formative years. They are often teachers. When I volunteer to help students I feel I am paying those people back, it also keeps me in touch, not to mention the ‘warm glow’…you have to give to receive. I know that many RDIs feel the same way. What we have to offer is experience, insights and our time. Opportunities to work with students at the RSA Academies is a gift to us and I hope there will be many more.”

Robin Levien RDI, Former Master, Royal Designers for Industry

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