RSA Fellowship for RSA academies staff and governors

Did you know?

As a staff member at an RSA academy you are entitled to complete a fast-track application form (removing the need to submit details of referees) and can take advantage of a permanent 75% reduction on the Fellowship fee and no joining fee, the annual cost of Fellowship is currently £168, so this has been reduced to £42 (which is very, very special).

A little bit about the RSA

As you know, the RSA has been at the forefront of social change for over 260 years. Our mission is to create the conditions for the enlightened thinking and collaborative action needed to address today’s most pressing social challenges. Each research project we undertake, every event we host and the ideas we promote, all further our core mission of 21st century enlightenment. We focus our work where we believe we can have the greatest impact for the most people.

We believe that you have an important contribution to make in supporting our work and that you will be a valuable addition to the Fellowship community.

More on Fellowship of the RSA

The Fellowship is a global network of 27,000 like-minded people who support our mission.

  • Connect with a powerful network – The Fellowship offers the opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse range of talented individuals. Meet other Fellows at events focused on issues at the heart of the RSA mission, or find and connect with Fellows through our online platform.
  • Be inspired by the brightest ideas – Through our unique network new ideas from the RSA and around the world are made available to all. Fellows have access to original articles from some of the world’s greatest thinkers in the award-winning RSA Journal and are the first to hear about the latest RSA events, news, research and projects.
  • Contribute to our work – Fellows with relevant skills and experience are invited to contribute to key RSA research projects. We support and encourage Fellows who want to set up complimentary projects, contribute articles to our online platform, and run events which build momentum around ideas that are central to our work.
  • Find a home for enlightened thinking – While Fellows meet all over the world, RSA House in London is the historic residence of the RSA where Fellows can meet, work, think and be inspired. If you are in London and would like a tour of the facilities just let us know.

Join us!

Contact Adam Myers, Fellowship Development Manager for more information.