RSA Pupil Design Awards 2017

Inspired by the RSA Student Design Awards, a 90 year old competition for university students, the RSA Pupil Design Awards is aimed at students in Years 7-8, 9-10 and Year 12. This is our third year of the competition and the RSA is working with our Family of Academies as well as schools from the North West Comino Creative Consortium of Schools.

The competition is aimed at getting school-aged students thinking about how to solve social problems using design thinking, with students having a choice of three briefs to work on. This year’s briefs cover the following topics:

Project 1: Making Together

Making is what makes us human. It connects us to the world around us and give us a way to express ourselves. Over the past few years, there has been increasing interest in creating spaces for people to make together (otherwise called Makerspaces) but it is still not very widely known. How can we make people more aware of the benefits of making? How can we create spaces where people can experiment and learn more about making together?

Project 2: Celebrating our Heritage

Heritage can be best described as anything from the past that we value and want to pass onto future generations. It can be important objects, buildings and artwork, people’s memories, culture and ancestry as well as the stories of local communities. Can learning about the heritage (of ourselves and others) lead to a better understanding of people who have different backgrounds from our own? How can knowing more about the cultures and experiences of people we live with help us appreciate the places we live in?

Project 3: Everyday Well-being

Mental health is a major issue that affects 25% of the UK during our lifetimes. 1 in 10 young people aged 5-16 are likely to suffer from a mental illness which includes depression and anxiety. We know what it means to be physically healthy; we need to eat well, exercise regularly and avoid smoking etc. But what do we need to do to be mentally healthy? How much better could we all feel if we did these things regularly?

Students will be submitting their work on 21st June to a judging panel. The judges are a combination of past RSA Student Design Award winners, Royal Designers for Industry, practising designers and RSA Design Team staff. Judges will select 3-4 projects per age category per brief to be shortlisted and those shortlisted will then come to the RSA on 4 July, where they will have 5 minutes to pitch their project in front of the judging panel. Shortlisted students will also be taking part in the RSA Academies Arts Day, along with other students from the RSA schools – find out more about this year’s Arts Day here.

Good luck to all students in the competition!