Schools should be allowed to leave MATs in 5 years

Alison Critchley, Chief Executive of RSA Academies published in the Tes today. Taken from the Tes website:

A ‘transfer window’ would result in a truly school-led system that supports struggling schools. For the embryonic multi-academy trust system to mature successfully, schools should be given a window of opportunity to leave their trust after five years, one chief executive has said.

Alison Critchley, chief executive of RSA Academies, called for the introduction of five-year fixed contracts between schools and multi-academy trusts in an article in Friday’s Tes magazine.

Critchley proposes that at the end of the initial five-year contract, both the school and the MAT would decide whether or not they wished to enter into a new agreement for a further five years.

‘A clear separation’

She also suggests that rebranding MATs as “academy partners” would ensure that there is a clear separation between the organisation supporting the schools and the schools themselves.

Critchley writes: “Creating fixed-term rather than permanent relationships would change the dynamic for all schools working as part of a MAT.

“This arrangement would take us closer to a truly school-led system, making it more likely that struggling schools would receive support and intervention without delay.”

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