Year 8 Student Leadership Programme update

RSA8 is a bespoke programme designed for the RSA Family of Academies.

The programme includes a series of workshops taking place across the Family, with reciprocal visits for the 10 students from each of the Academies taking part in the programme.  The workshops have been planned in collaboration with RSA Fellows who wish to get involved with the young people within the RSA Family.

Day One

The first of these days took place at the RSA Academy in Tipton, with RSA Fellow Matthew Green from Policyworks. He introduced the programme by getting the students to reflect on ’What makes a good leader’ and the importance of knowing ‘The bigger picture,’ he spoke about his experiences as a leader. Students then reflected on the session and wrote about what they had learnt about leadership.

Next was a workshop about blogging.  RSA Fellow Lorna Prescott from Dudley CVO, a passionate blogger, lead the session with stories from people who were keen bloggers and the difference it can make to lives. For many of the students this was their first experience of blogging and Lorna certainly succeeded in generating massive enthusiasm from the students.  This group now have their own blogging site.

Day Two 

Day 2 took place at Whitley Academy with RSA Fellows, Paul Monaghan, and Eleanor Bernades.  Paul’s workshop highlighted the importance of public perception when speaking, and how best to present yourself to an audience.  The transformation of the students after rehearsing the tips and ideas they had learned was truly remarkable, very tangible and genuine.

Eleanor Bernades facilitated a debate between the students as they learned the skills on how to argue effectively, putting your thoughts and opinions across as well as using statistics and data to back up arguments!  There certainly were some heated debates during this session!

Day Three

Day 3 will taking place at Ipsley Academy on 24 November and will focus on the importance of teams within leadership.

To date, the programme has been extremely effective in achieving the aim of engaging Year 8 students into thinking about leadership roles and positions.  Teachers have reported increased confidence and a sense of maturity in the students participating in the programme.

Students are now looking forward to the residential event at the University of Warwick in December.

Arvind Batra, Student Leadership Co-ordinator

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